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Our Testimonials...

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“Charming, fun, brilliantly written and utterly essential!"

Peter James

"Even a dummy like me, who  has a Hebrew reading age of

4 - 5 after five years of trying, can make sense of these gorgeous foolproof lessons."

 -Julie Burchill

"As a teacher and language learner,  I've always been conscious of the need to hang vocabulary on 'hooks', rather than trying to memorise words in a vacuum. Now Hilarious Hebrew has provided the ideal aide-mémoire for the student - combined verbal, conceptual and visual mnemonics in the form of catchy phrases, absurd associations and amusing cartoons.  I first met the Hilarious Hebrew concept when Yael was teaching me Hebrew over twenty years ago, and the phrases are still imprinted on my brain as clearly as if I'd heard them yesterday. They're silly, surreal and completely unforgettable!"

 -Susan Kingsley

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"This method is a wonderful way to learn. The sentences really plug into the imagination of both the adult and child mind. It is also funny so it relaxes the person learning and makes a memorable learning experience"

 -Victoria Jahkeline Salomon

"Just received your book - even better than expected! My wife came in from ulpan, I showed her the book and she said "This is precisely what I need!" she finds it so much easier to learn words by association"


- Zvi Shenkin, Israel

“It is quite hilarious and entertaining and the best thing is, it does help you to memorise new words through the funny/curious phrases and drawings. That's the goal at the end: to remember new words through association. You guys did an awesome work!”


- Roxana Ortegal, Israel


"Really fun!!! This is really a humorous book that I can actually learn from. More, more, more!! "


- Happy Shopper (

“Hilarious Hebrew' is the best Hebrew vocabulary learning book in the market.

It enables you to easily memorize words in a fun, unique and most efficient way. The associations used are really awesome and genuine!"


- Eran Katz - Memory expert and best selling author, Israel

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